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Im Sorry, This May Just Get A Little Intense,

Never Thought I'd See The Day When All This Shit Made Sense.

For Years I Wondered Why People Thought So Fucked Up Of Me,

All Those Rumors That Were Spread Around And Made My Soul Seem Ugly.

Let Me Tell You Why I’m Not Surprised With What I Found Out,
Lied To And Betrayed By A Bitch Who's About To Blackout.

Who Am I Talking About?

What’s The Name Of This “Friend”?

Well I Thought This Bitch Was Loyal But She Was Just Playing Pretend.

She Claimed To Be My Brother, My Rider, The One Who’d Always Keep Me Lit,

Kept That Going For 13 Years But Those Years Don't Fucking Mean SHIT!

All This Time I Thought I Finally Had A Brother Of My Own,

I Brought You Close To My Family And Let You Come Into My Home.

Remember In Highschool When You Cracked My Head With The Door?

You Laughed Till I Fell And Bleed All Over The Floor?

You Ran Back Into Class Scared, While Me You Ignored,

Everyone But You Was There For Me, So You Started A War.


Right After Highschool We Chose To Separate From The Rest,

Called Yourself My “Best Friend” And Acted Like You Were Blessed.

You Tried To Keep Me To Yourself So You Made Up Shit About Jasmine,

Told Me A Bunch Of Useless Shit That Probably Never Even Happened.

So It Was Only Me And You,

Always Doing Something New,

Partying With All These Girls, They Couldn’t Get Enough Of Us Two.

As The Years Kept Passing I Noticed Things Started Changing,

It Wasn’t Just Your Loyalty Or The Weight You Were Gaining.

Lost And Confused,

Heard Some Funny Rumors Too,

Heard From Several People That All I Do Is Copy YOU!


Deep Down You’ve Always Hated The Attention I Would Get,

All The Girls That You Wanted It Was Me Who Made Em’ Wet.

You Cant Stand The Way I Dress Cause I’m Always Looking Lit,

You Hate Your Life So Much Cause In These Clothes You’d Never Fit.

Damn Nigga, You Just Can’t Bear To See Me Win,

A 2 Face Lying Bitch Is All Your Pathetic Ass Has Been.

Now Let’s Make This A Little Interesting And Start Stating Facts,

Shall We Talk About Someone? Maybe Felicia Perhaps?

Introduce The World To The Denise From Your Stories,

And You Better Tell The Truth..You Said You’d Do Anything For Me.

Hey Dez, Tell The World The Reason Why Felicia Fucking Hates Me,

Why Everytime She Saw Us Together She Went All Stupid Crazy?

For 10 Years You Been Telling Me That She’s Just A Bitch,

She’s So Full Of Shit,

Jealous Of Our Friendship, The Only Thing That Got Her Pissed.

But Deep Down I Always Knew That You Never Made Sense,

When We Ran Into Each Other You Suddenly Started To Tense.

You Always Made Sure That From Her You Kept Me Hidden,

I Noticed Everything, Funny ‘Cause You’re Bitch Ass Thought I Didn’t.

When I Ran Into Her At The Club,

You Knew You Had To Interrupt,

You Kept Us Apart For Too Long, I Was Starting To Get Fed Up.

At Pride She Told You She Was Strapped And Wanted To Teach Me A “Lesson”,

A Best Friend Woulda Handled That, You Just Delivered The Message.

You Tried Acting Like A Thug For Her, You Tried So Hard To Impress,

You're Nothing But A Pussy Nigga, A Little Bitch In A Dress.  

I Heard You Told People I Wasn’t Fully Gay?

I Was Going Through A Phase?

And Wasn’t Sure What I Wanted ‘Cause I Really Went Both Ways?πŸ€”

You Claimed I Dated So Many Guys, Something I Would Never Do Ever,

When We Both Know You Rode More Dick Than All My Straight Friends Put Together🀭

I’m Starting To Think My Nigga That You’re Not Right In The Head,

So Worried About Me And My Life, You Should Be Finally Getting One Instead.

Come On Dez, Why Are You So Fucking Negative?

With Me You’re So Competitive,

Does Felicia Know About The Time YOU.. Fucked Your Relative?


You’re A Fucking Sick Bitch, Who Does That Shit, Come On?

You’ll Fuck Anything With Legs, How Did You Not Think That Was Wrong!?

I Couldn’t Stand The Way You Treated Women, How You Tried Making Me Keep Your Secrets,

With The Shit You Used To Pull On Them My Nigga, You’re Ass Should Go Seek Fucking Treatment.

You Only Go For Women That You Know Have It All,

The Kind That Easily Fall,

The One’s You Know You Can Use Incase You’re Out Of A Damn Job.

What Me And Your Ex’s Put Up With, I Ask The Lord To Please Forgive Us,


You Knew I Never Agreed With What You Did To Get Your Way,

That’s Why You Always Made Sure You Knew Exactly What To Say.

Especially Those Times When You Fucking Brought Up Rhi,

You Knew Anything You’d Say About Her Pissed Me Off And Hurt Me,

You Made Fun Of Me Getting Sent Away And That Annoyed Me,

Or When You Would Bring Up My Dad Knowing He’s What Destroyed Me.

You Always Had Some Shit To Say And Thought It Was A Joke,

Cause Even Though Rhi Hurt Me, We Still Stayed So Fucking Close.

Always Laughed At Our Story And Asked Why I Was Still With It,

Well That’s Because She Offered My Sister Her Kidney And YOU DIDNT!πŸ–•πŸΌ

I've Been Waiting A Long Time To Fuck You Up And Some People Still Tell Me "Don't Do It",

For All The Shit That You Put Me Through But Looks Like Bryanna Beat Me To It🀭😏

Why Wasn't I Surprised?

To Catch You In All These Lies?

What More Could I've Expected From A Fucking Gemini!?

After All These Years Of Putting Up With All Your Fake Ass Shit,

I Had Enough.. It Was Time To Drop A Fake Ass Bitch.

There Ain't Shit You Can Say,

I’ve Already Coped With The Pain,

Cant Wait Till You Fucking Hear This Then Cry Like A Bitch And Complain.

My Dad Never Wanted Me.. Okay I Don’t Care,

My First Love Never Wanted Me.. Okay I Don’t Care,

 My Family Sent Me Away.. Okay I Don't Care,

You’re Still Ending Up Alone Bitch, With That Fake Ass Mask That You Wear.

You Try To Ruin My Life And Now It’s Time For You To Quit,

You Bet I’m Fucking Crazy.. But At Least I Admit That Shit!

I Trusted You Bitch,

You Disgust Me You Bitch,

Hope You Loved This Little Note I Fucking Wrote For You Bitch!πŸ–€βœπŸΌ

So Tell Me...How Does It Feel To Be My #1 Fan?

To Know I’m The Only Person That You Know You Cant Stand?

I'm Sure Getting Rid Of Me Was Your Fucking Evil Plan,

But I Got Rid Of You Bitch, And Not Once Did I Get Sad! FUCK YOU!πŸ–•πŸΌ

  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 26th, 2019 10:51
  • Comment from author about the poem: I Was Betrayed Very Badly By Some Pathetic Human Being That I Used To Call My Best Friend For 13 Years. Someone I Trusted With My WHOLE LIFE! My Family, My Feelings, My Entire Fucking World! I Shared Everything With This Person For So Many Years.. Just To Later Find Out She Was Always So Secretly Jealous Of Me But In A Very Unhealthy Way. She Wanted Me To Be Done, To Be Ruined, To Look Like A Damn Fool! She Went As Far As Creating A Whole Other Identity For Me. A Very Negative And Unhealthy One. But I Finally Had Enough And It Was Time To Drop Her Out Of My Life For Good! πŸ’―
  • Category: Sad
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