What Were We

I knew something was wrong

I hate that I was right

I was in the dark

But now I'm in the light


Did you really want me

Or all this time did you want her

Do you care what this has done to me

Do you miss who we were


Do you remember anything I did for you

Do you remember how you've helped me

Do you remember the heart I gave to you

Or is she all that you can see


I don't know why I decided to give it to you

I don't know why I gave you my heart

Because you decided to drop it

And now I'm falling apart


I hope that you see this

And see what you've done

I put all of my trust in you

I thought you were the one


Now I sit and I cry

Behind a locked door

Feeling disturbed and depressed

With no reason to get up from the floor


Why the hell did I give you my heart

Why the hell did I give you my special flower

Now I'm suffering and wilting

Regretting that hour


Why did you let me

Think you would stay

All you did by that

Was let the pain delay


Now I cry in my room

Enveloped in the darkness of night

Regretting what I did

When I gave you my innocent light


In the pain I'm drowning

I put out my hand

But you left me

Now to the bottom I'll land


All I want to know is

What were we

What was I to you

You were everything to me

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