My Pain

Smile, Frown

Up, Down

Water, Fire

Lower, Higher


Joys, Tears

Absolutely Unexplainable Fears

Dark, Light

A Battle I Can't Fight


Nothing Can Explain My Pain

It Keeps Washing Over Me Like Rain

It's Not You That I Hate

I Just Wish You Would Have Told Me Our Fate


Why Didn't You Tell Me

Now I'm Suffering Even If You Can't See

I'm Not Invisible

I Should've Kept You Out Of Trouble


Why Would You Say I'm The Only Girl For You

But Now You Have Her So Was What You Said True

Or Was It Just A Fable

Should I Trust You, I Don't Know If I'm Able


You Decided To Drop My Heart

Now I'm Trying Not To Fall Apart

I Hate That I Wasn't Good Enough For You To Stay

But I've Been Told That I'll Be Okay

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