Looks like this cursed title falls to me

I’m Gatsby

At least, now I am

Beer money inheritance

Tighter than the rope round his neck

It all falls to me, no glee

Just a shitty musical rolling in my head

I was a kid once

Little more than a dunce

Friends out of my league

Hiding in leaves

Beyond fields of bricks hidden by empty heads

Falling asleep on desks

It’s lazy education

Low preparation

The works of leaving kids stranded

In a world they’ll never get

Falling far of flat

In terms of getting their hands on it

Giving us all a pit

Just weak little gnats

Blood rain leaves us wet

Once again, branded

Who’d have guess high school never ends

In this bad sandbox


Sister never knew about him

He was potential personified

I always new, never said a word

Terribly waiting for him to take the world

Finish each loose end

Understand depths beyond comprehension

Could never really get how he worked

Killed in the end, a waste more than gold

Could have done so much

Underestimated, self-made, the works

Never really got how it worked

Tell me now, how he died

Never mind, I don't wanna know

Throwing me inheritance

Like the father figure I never had

And certainly never deserved

A few years older

Always sticking out his neck

Now a check?

Miss me with that

If I wasn't strapped

It’d go to wreck

Just like his house

At the end of this mess


Robbed beyond repair

Silk robes in the furnace

How did he earn this
A man so earnest

Now he’s in the sternest prison around

In the grave, like a pound for a stray

Waiting for the day

One shot leads to release

In such a permanent way

This won’t lead into peace

It will lead to more delete

Lives hanging in the balance

Bankrupt to the finest

Capacity they could have imagined

But now it’s all me

Suits, colors, and all

Just a puppet for the crew of the damned

Whispering to me through wrinkled polos

Rolling through the power vacuum

And I don’t know

How quickly I’ll be booted
Or how long I’ll hear his voice

Bouncing around in the black water in the back of my mind

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