Woodchuck Witch Bitch


Notice of absence from LIGHT WARRIOR
I am currently working on more light hearted work after a wonderful year of change . God bless you all..

Everything stands naked before me for the taking

This has all become so very surreal

I feel it wanting me to make decisions slowly



Time has no boundaries upon me

Rushing into shit has never come correct

Like choosing one sect to  pour everything we believe into

It becomes always a can of angry worms that get fed to unfortified fishes

Hooked to be sacrificed to white trash gods and goddesses not of the hunt..but of hunting for sport..if they do in fact even exist

They have never come even close to missing all their chances to create more fragments of one reality , AND, For this we should all consider our selves blessed..this is the only real reason why time has pressed on for so many eons throughout a 3 billion year fossilized record of time.

Why ignorance somehow always rhymes with reason

Every year has seasons that change and mutate and remanifest and wither away totally sometimes

Crimes of the heart become the games of all the fools



So much beauty is destroyed

So many still exist in such narrow spaces

Claiming disabilities

Drugged out and addicted

Yet unemployed

There is no room for paranoid delusions

The truth is the most accurate and most magical tale

It all has existed somehow, someway

Through stories passed down or by simply seeing all the shit the way that it is

Fantasy and fiction all told from truths but the truths have forever been the best shape shifters..

Some of us are so real we become the targeted victims of skin walkers because something forced us into discovering its existence

A few of us have been born brave enough to dive  in head first into its deepest ends and swim for our fucking lives

There will always be a part of nature born unto blasphemy upon which envy latches onto and thrives

For what would this life be without all the witches and the hags throwing power at each other just for the sake of the craft?

Would there ever have been a child who laughed at that witch the first time they saw The Wizard of Oz?

Judy Garland may have lived to be 908, had she not been so envied playing a child at age 22 

By 44 she was dead and gone because millions of little cunts thought that they could have done it better than her..

To this day her much fatter and uglier daughter has captured the hearts of all the old men of old money..who were  all a bunch of cynical rich closet fags.

Cant blame the cross eyed bitch for riding upon the tailwind of the one and only Dorothy Gail..

The very first songstress upon which my love to sing obsessed..

At 3 and 1/2 .You could just show me a bail of hay and i would climb up on top of it and it felt like i was sitting on eggs in a big robins nest. I would then act like i was in my own movie by suddenly pouring out all of my breath to a magical rainbow that formed above me in whatever happened to be the sky..

"Why oooh why cannt i?"

And like the happy bluebirds I still fly to this day

I just never felt it in my soul to sing about being away in a manger with no crib for a damned bed..

I was a Hark the Herald Angels Sing kind of gal.

I never seemed to have a play pal that I had pre chosen to play with so I would make them my victims just because I could..

Secretly wondering how much wood I could chuck If i were actually that woodchuck who could chuck  wood..

Tis a damned good thing or else  I may have become a fucking mass murderer instead

All the little cunt haters of my childhood became my fantasies of how I could get away with rendering their bitch asses dead

I was Drew Barrymore..Firestarter..Mary Poppins much younger more powerful relentless whore of a sister

I went from snapping fingers to tidy up shit in that nursery to casting out much deserved flames upon the wicked and the lame hoes who decided to play that game with me that they still try to play with me yet the fuck today

It has morphed me into the Goddess I am now..some fucking way..some blessed how...





  • Author: LIGHT WARRIOR (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 31st, 2019 09:47
  • Comment from author about the poem: People need tobread my shit.im gonna be poppin out WITH INTENSITY THIS YEAR W MY WRITING
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  • Poetic Dan

    Outstanding! All the way to end, like a volcano of come on Lets have it then!
    Thats what I felt anyway, thank you and very well expressed!

  • Gino

    One of the best poets on this site actually!...Damn Jason, your write is mesmerizing and captivating. I know this is real and not something your acting...Your emotion is raw and continual...Keep writing my friend.


      Thank you kindly.this one is one of my faves.been out of the loop all summer so watch out bere i come.i know i can mame so e miney i just dont know boe to go about it.any suggestions?nbess u

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