My Meditation

Nafis Light

Meditation, meditation, meditation,
This thing people say is for enlightenment;
Well, for is something unique

because it is more than just a...liberation.


Wanna know what it is?
With three minutes of laughter,
With five minutes of music;

To me, this is quite a bliss.


This is my second day doing it
and I am totally digging it
Well, why not?
It's called 'Laughing Meditation' after all.


With Love, Spirituality, and Laughter,

  • Author: Nafis Light (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 1st, 2019 08:31
  • Comment from author about the poem: I found the meditation from the link below and so far, it is the only guided audio meditation on laughter. I fell asleep when I first tried it (probably too tired at the time). It makes me wanna smile more. Different meditations focus on different stuff, and I really want something that focuses on laughter.
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    THANKS JOKER ~ Pleased you are engaging with the site ! Meditation is important to communicate with your GOD or your INNERSELF ! In the BIBLE ~ Jews & Christians are exhorted to "Lie on your Bed & Meditate ~ I like that ! In the UK we have meditation CDs which I play while I meditate ! Sometimes I burst out laughing because Meditation can release some funny situatuions ! Laughing Meditation is what we all need ! Thanks for the LINK.
    Blessings & Peace
    Yours BRIAN !
    Please visit our SITE and our FUSION POEM on COLOURS ~
    Click on DEVELOPING to see the FUSIONS you can add too !

    • Nafis Light

      I did read a few times of the FUSION POEM on COLOURS and one other (the one on favorite animal), but I haven't grasp the rules yet.
      Blessings, Love and Laughter to you.

    • Alex Arnot

      I like the peaceful imagery! Very well expressed. I might recommend increasing the font size though. Other than that, great job!

      • Nafis Light

        Thanks! I changed the font size to 12pts for the next one.
        Blessings, Love, and Laughter to you!

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