What Now?

When the times have changed,

then what do we write about?

When you get what you ask for,

then what do you write about?

When the revival has came,

then what else is there to claim?

When there is nothing left to protest,

then what left is there to shout?

When all your demands are met,

and everyone has calm down,

and the gospel is spread,

all throughout,

will there be anymore reasons to get loud?

When you finally get,

the rulers you elect,

will you be happy,

or will you try to find,

a reason to make a sound?

When the revolution is over,

and the fight is fought,

and you ran the enemy out of town,

will you take a break from fighting,

find another just cause,

or go against what you originally found?

Few fight the good fight,

and die peacefully.

Many run their own lives into the ground.

Some start out with great intentions.

Yet, when they reach their goal,

and have a little control,

they get lost, and say, 'What now'.


  • Poetic Dan

    Really really enjoyed this! Fantastic work my friend!

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