Dancing With The Devil

Today I only just escaped your drenched in blood death griped hands

They Wrapped around my once angelic soul

Now dipped in sin I’m sparling into a hell, that I can’t control.


My innocence fading into the dark

My soul embarking on a journey of self destruct

Sitting on the edge of a volcano about to erupt.


Im trying to tame the evil within

I’m playing a board game with Lucifer and him

Who will win?


Has he abandoned me here?

For I feel the grip of hate pull me under and

I wonder as I choke in the fire pits

Does he sit and laugh at my personal hell.


For why does he not take grip of my soul

And lead me back to light that he supposedly holds.


I survived today

But maybe not tomorrow

A small glimpse of light I still see

As I slowly choke in a sea of darkness.


I see the devil dances in delight

As I fade further from the light

Dear Lord do you not hear my plight ?


  • Yorelzinala

    Articulating your struggle is already going towards that light. Wonderful writ!

  • moordykspot2

    A Dark Poem Very well composed and explicit. An interesting read I do hope my friend it is somewhat imaginary but I fear it is written from the heart which indicates I troubled mind. I hope I am wrong. I did enjoy the read though. Take Care

  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

    This is creatively dark and intense, with metaphoric poetic use of Devils and demons , you express so very awesomely, proving you are no novice. Kudos!

    Plz pls do comment my newest poem too.

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