Before It Started

We as Christians,
know we are persecuted.
It has been so,
for so long.
Many were called names.
Others were burned,
but where did it all start?
Did it just happen one day?
Was it out of ignorance?
Did one person,
just happen to say,
"I don't like you,
because your a Christian".
It happened because,
Christ name is so powerful.
Even after,
He was crucified,
He was not dead.
The persecution started,
before Christianity came out,
when Herod wanted,
all the babies dead.
Thirty years later,
Christ began His purpose,
with His three year ministry.
Thought to be a menace,
or a troublemaker,
The government,
wanted to bring Jesus,
to an end.
They tried Him,
tortured Him,
and made Him carry,
His own cross,
not knowing,
He would take away our sins.
Still, three days after,
witnesses saw Him die,
He had risen from the grave.
Then for forty days,
He had finished his ministry,
before ascending into Heaven,
leaving behind the Holy Spirit.
After years,
and centuries,
the persecution,
will go on longer.
Yet, throughout all the persecution,
His name has only grown stronger.

Shall persecute YOU ~ and say
All manner of things falsely against
YOU for My Name's Sake ~ As they
Persecuted the Prophets so
Shall they persecute YOU
Beacause your message
Challenges THEM !

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