No Man Is An Island 2


No man is an island located way out in the boonies better spelled No-man’s Land

Iceland is the land of ice or the isle of ice

Dryland is land that’s not wet

Wetlands are lands that aren’t dry

A National Park is Public Land but a land without pubs

Maryland is the Land for just Mary-- the lambs live on the public land

Newfoundland is the land just found, located next to Oldfoundland, last year’s discovery

On Oakland the land of oak, do they also grow hay there? If yes, answer ‘oak hay ‘oak hay’

Ragland the Land of rags has new clothes too

Portland is the Land of ports…what kind?  Both harbors and wine.

Does Finland the land of fins has both fish fins and swimming fins?

In Ireland the land of ire not everybody is angry. Those who are, what are they mad at?

The Netherlands are located right below the Highlands.

Poland, the land of poles has both kinds, fishing and vaulting.

Swaziland is the land of Swazis. They keep you warm when you’re hunting in New Zealand

Switzerland is the land of Switz’s-- Some are mediators and others are neutral and don’t get involved

In Thailand or the land of Thais there are two kinds:  bow-Thais and neck-Thais

New Zealland (need 2 l’s) is the new land of zeal, but some are still apathetic and indifferent.

The Marshall Islands or lands of the marshall also have sheriffs and deputies living there.

The Solomon Islands or lands of Solomon are what are left of their parent David Islands ruins.

Burgenland, Austria is the land of Burgen; they sell Double Burgens there also.

Queensland, Australia is the land of the Queens, but there are some guys living there-- the Jacks & the Kings

Prince Edward Island is the land that belongs to Prince Edward; Princess Sophie often comes to visit.

Greenland the land of new missionaries is located next to Trunkyland the island of old worn-out missionaries.

Rhineland Germany, the land of Rhinos, also has hippos living there.

Scotland is the land of the scots and they have to pay more scots than many other countries    

Rhode Island yes, is a land of Roads… millions of ‘em.

Somaliland Somalia, the land of Somalis has also some biggies living there

Nagaland India, the land of the Nags also has wives who encourage and praise.







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  • Published: April 7th, 2019 14:54
  • Comment from author about the poem: No real message to this poem, just an explanation of all the different type of lands there are around the world
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