Angels Wings

I wonder if your wings can stay afloat 

from those tears on the nights where I am missing you a little more.


I wonder if they help you swim

or if you struggle under the weight that drips down from my eyes.


I wonder if I should build you a boat

to give those wings a break, I assume they'd be a little sore.


I wonder if with time your wings will dim

if your heart pounds and thuds to the beat of my cries.


But I hope your wings grow and blossom

every time I get an ice cream cone and think of you and smile.


But I hope you fly higher 

when I spread love to others to heal my mourning pain.


But I hope you glisten with the stars and proceed to draw some

on nights where I melt into the grass and search for your face for a while.


But I hope your love continues to burn like a fire

when I swirl and dance in the puddles of those cold winter rains.





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