Hands move across bodies dancing  images of a reflection of bliss.


Holding tight to letting go.


Gravity defying. Fly. This night. We may fall.


Visions of night from dark skys to seeing the lights.


Circling and spinning side to side reverberating images. Head back

embracing this dizzying moment in this life taking in sights. Forgetting the spin see it in waves back and forth circling between darkness to electrified magic. A sight in

it’s fluctuation.


For in the morning, we will ride with fields and farms on our sides in soft muted lands.


Petals will float from trees at the silent retreat. Vibrations to the universe we will send as we glow in the sun. Pay to the gods as we play.


Releasing from object to peace.


  • Suresh

    Soar, soar as high as you can, but remember not too close to the Sun.
    Pay for play, you need not, as in the realm of benevolent God, all is free

    Enjoyed it

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