Ariel Perez

I'm Fine

I'm Fine

The image I see in my mirror, does not show how I feel

Im fine

That is all I can say, my thoughts are haunting me

Am I enough?

Why do I feel this way? Why do I feel like my world is about to collide?

Its fine

My body, my color, my eyes.

It doesn't fit your standards

Are you stuck with me?

Am I the second choice of your little dreams

Were we really meant to be?

All I remember is being told things are not as they seem

I'm fine

You say something but say that's not what you mean

How can I possibly figure it out

Everything is fine

I love you but what can I say

My anxieties are rising

Our distances are flying

I'm fine but I'm not really fine

Anger, alone that's all i feel right now

I can't mention this to you

So I'll just keep writing

Im fine

Its fine

Everything is....


  • kalanigarcia

    interesting ending

  • jarcher54

    Bitter sweet, almost painful the way you capture all those insecurities and anxieties... I don't believe I have ever heard these doubts expressed so well: Am I the second choice of your little dreams? Wow.

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