Antipode Amor


I wander into your wonder
planting disremember-me ferns
in perpetuums,

as the wind inhales your kiss
I'm a leaden feather
falling up
into your günah.....

away from your bah-bahm beat
my shadow skips,

and dines on epileptic sunshine
in the shackled gloaming
of your hollow chamber~

as I catch a seppuku niji
on the inside of your bleeding
Hanhepi wi.....

these days will burn,

my whisper blooms
a whimper,

for I am and always will be
a 33rd degree sage,

adorned with sedulous pansophy
from your six-hundred and sixty-six
rays of rabid rage;


we unraveled internamente,

in the sweet cadence
of a star-crossed hello.


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  • Author: Whisperingquill (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 10th, 2019 14:02
  • Comment from author about the poem: g√ľnah (Turkish) = sin///// Seppuku (Japanese) Also called hara-kiri. ceremonial suicide by ripping open the abdomen with a dagger or knife: formerly practiced in Japan by members of the warrior class when disgraced or sentenced to death.///// niji (nee-gee)(Japanese) = rainbow///// Hanhepi wi (Lakota Sioux) moon////// verdrietig (Dutch)= sad////// internamente (Italiano) = internally
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