On My Watch

You are so beautiful,
a magnificent piece of art.
Your hands are so smooth.
Your size,
your shape,
every dimension of you,
is made next to perfect.
You are comfortable,
as you lay on me.
Everyday with you,
is wonderful.
Yet, your beauty,
even runs deep.
You are there for me.
No one is,
as strong as you.
You are such,
a beautiful watch.

A guy wore two watches once
Neither told the right time
Why's that? I asked. Why two watches?
Ah well, he replied
If I'm running late I look at this one on me left arm (it runs slow)
If I'm running early I look at one on me right arm (it runs fast)
That way I'm always on time - somehow - I think?!

Turn away but i just couldn't... Lookaway but i just wouldn't
So i turn the other way so hear me when i say
Anger has took over me so i hit and smashed it to little pieces... Thats the 5th alarm clock i had to throw away

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