Mists of Hatred

Mists of Hatred



You’ve seen this callous fool use laws that are muddled

to seize babies from the breasts of tearful mothers

split families asunder and threaten others

while the mists of hatred gather in the puddles.


You’ve heard racism from this xenophobic fool

as he labeled lowly immigrants as ” lethal”

and commended Neo-Nazis as “good people”

while the mists of hatred emerge from every pool.


You’ve faced the raging red of every battle’s dawn

brought back souvenirs, within you, from “War is Hell.”

“Bone Spurs” risked it all to defuse a blonde bombshell

while the mists of hatred swirl over every pond.


You’ve hurt, as this witless fool shattered people’s dreams

forced the humble poor deeper into poverty

and fed cash to the wealthy for their novelties

while the mists of hatred contaminate our streams.


You’ve watched this lying fool claim Gospel truth is fake

scold our #MeToo daughters over hidden pain and shame

and brag that “Bitterness” is now our country’s name

while the mists of hatred devastate every lake.


You’ve heard this timid fool cry, “Walls are for safety! “

but every wall that’s built had its own deadly sin;

it tried to keep “them” out, but surely locked ”us” in

while the mists of hatred pollute the Southern Seas.


You’ve seen this looming fool embrace the Monster- men

yet, turn his back on friends with whom we are allied

and as the dying Earth cried, he once more denied

while the mists of hatred spread across the ocean.


But, like every fool, he’s possessed by greed and power

and weighs everything against his own profits

not to spend, his hands go in our pockets

while the mists of hatred will die

only, when we remove this guy

from the tower.


  • Suresh

    You have described the ignoramous quite well, but he didn't get there on his own. This guy didn't hide his character, he was elected because of it - what does that say about the people that voted for him, defend him and will go to mat for him.
    It is shocking that a whole political party, has opted to go deaf, blind and dumb to his antics. One does not have to agree with the opposition to criticize unjust.
    But his success has caused a tsunami of movement that is circling the globe - as if hatred has found an ally, a deafening voice.

    Thnx for sharing

  • Goldfinch60

    Very powerful write Phil and so understandable even to us in the UK.

  • Neville

    What you have written here, could not be written or spoken better... or true.... Neville

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