O.G. Tone


I came into this harsh world unannounced to anyone

To me I am a little small for my size

But if you use me in the wrong way I can be deadly

I am a shiny little thing but a handful to a man with no hope or dreams

They call me a back stabber a murderer

I am but hand size only 22 millimeters I can cause drama or trauma

My older brother is a Saturday night special he's a 32 millimeter monster

He has a bigger frame then me

But I am more dangerous then he I can kill you

You can only throw me

My brother has harmed thousands of people

Killed just as many to

Let me re-frame my words for you

Guns don't kill people

People kill people this is true facts

My oldest brother is a 38 millimeter Python "GOD" to many

To me he killed plenty

He use to be best friends to a Police officer

But a night mare to whom ever carried him for evil Deeds

My Uncle hammer the 44 millimeter peace maker

Big in strong wide frame with a hair lip trigger

Was a revolution resolver pistol grip

Not a revolver a problem solver

He is very scary looking dude in the dark alley

The next generation of killers we call 9millmeter Beretta

They kill you faster then FEDEX on a Monday

One day I hope people stop using us for Malicious behavior

In use us to protect the integrity of man





  • dusk arising

    Guns are designed to kill. Dont look for any other purpose for a gun, or that gun will make fool of you.
    Guns are there to kill people with.

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