Genuine Apologia Bequeathed...


Kickstarting Expungement Father Incurred


Within a sea futility aye wallow

riptides exemplifies sorrows

drowning me into undertow

bitter aftertaste hogties ability

to make headway, and shuck off tow


warring internal strife at this stage

of my life mein kampf,

a failed one man show

so many instances, I didst wade

into abortive oarless row

well nigh impossible to affect

equitable fair family status quo,

nonetheless an opportunity to wax po'

whet tick, sans saturated

noggin of this primate

doth horrendously overflow

wing with yesterday's

defiant spite gives no

mercy now as looming grim reaper

ready to scythe,

and unforgivingly mow

soul of this sole sun,

doth somberly bell low


mine hounded conscience

comeuppance in the know

suctioning all oxygen vacuums

the being of this generic joe

king pawn's ability

to breathe with every inflow

and exhalation of air analogous

to tsunami of sentiments

blindsiding every hello

jaggedly relentlessly shearing,

punishing, and cleaving

nocturnally visible dayglow

mine conscience rip

snorting to and fro

upon psyches of

parents, siblings emo

ting tender loving

care, and in exchange

courtesy of this (doughless) bro

two sisters, (who twisted

with frustration), decades ago

grown daughters and self!



  • Author: rew4er2nail (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 18th, 2019 13:30
  • Category: Forgiveness
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