Honey Silk

Nothing new

In my mind, there is no peace 

Piece by piece, I can't decide where my thoughts go 

If I'm up and about, I'm doing too much. I'm running myself ragged. 

If I'm relaxing and resting, I'm not doing enough. I need to do more. 

When I want to reach out, my words retract faster each time. 

"They wouldn't understand. They'll turn away. They don't need to know. Do it yourself."

My mind is whispering to me. These thoughts evolve every second and leaves me restless. 

I can't stress this need of balance that I'll never obtain. 

Because when I'm out and about, I'm doing too much and pushing my limits. 

But if I'm relaxing and resting, I'm not doing enough, I have to do better. 

Am I doing better? Is this enough? Am I doing too much? Is there any more I can do? 

When was the last time I did this? Where did I leave that necklace again? Where is my mind? 

There's no balance. Just the constant consistency of thoughts. 

Negative thoughts procreate amongst themselves and take up room. 

There's no room for me in my own thoughts. 


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