Adam Shirley

you are walking poetry

You are walking poetry

because your strides are like stanzas

your eyes speak of rhythms

and staring would bring bonanza.


You are walking poetry

and to hold you would be to read

El Dorado of literature

a safe haven which bleeds--

a kanon nonetheless

[to which my muse I digress]


That you-- are like a bookstore in the fall

and I can read your old and new

of past cries and yesterday's highs--


to which are only of the few

that can keep me awake all night.


and as I sit on the steps

to which births my poetic sense


I listen to the summer wind that Matt Elliot blows 

as the sound of the flying plane grows--

Closer, to the mother of art, to which brightens these nights.


You are walking poetry

Exaltation in sight.-

Words that define fauna and flora

As your existences pours a soft water night.


You are the nostalgia of children chasing

on the streets of neighboring familiarity

To which glows on your skin-- and brings an iridescent rarity

of quiet trails and daylight's croon.


You are poetry in motion

The purple lavenders of June.

 The quiescence of winter- and the zestfulness of spring.

you are the morning birds that awake me with a sing


But alas  I know that the morning birds will fly

And all that breathes with thee will die.


 But I do not worry that it will stop


And I do not wary of the time.


Because you---    are walking poetry


You--- are pure literature crime. 

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