My monsters

My monsters live inside me,
Unafraid and unrelenting.

My monsters live inside me,
Their vast darkness very threatening.

My monsters live inside me,
Marking me from the constant clawing.

My monsters live inside me,
Taking over with each day passing.

My monsters live inside me,
Waiting for the day that I stop fighting.

My monsters live inside me,
And I’m afraid that I am losing.



    THANKS JJ ~ For a very well structured Poem ~ six balanced doublets
    in a Verse Pattern (Ab Ac Ad Ae Af Ag).
    Repetition is very important in Poetry ........
    Especially of the TITLE for reinforcement.
    Each DOUBLET introduces another aspect of
    Your Inner Monsters : Unrelenting ~ Threatening ~ Clawing ~
    Taking over ~ Waiting (til YOU stop fighting !) it builds to a CLIMAX
    YOU are afraid you are LOSING ............................... !
    It is an elegant description of how People battle with
    THEIR INNER MONSTERS : Thanks for sharing !
    A very good first Poem as presented !
    Yours through Poetry : ANGELA
    Please check our site : Thanks.

    • JJ1

      Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate what you have written and I will keep it in mind for the future 🙂

    • dusk arising

      Hi and welcome to the "We all have monsters too" club here in MPS. Yes it's true, so many of us find a great release in poetry.
      Great first piece from you. Please feel free to comment upon any of the poetry you see published on here because that's the way this site works at its best.

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