i hate this place

this town is made up of one part disappointment and one part dirt

much like my insides that have been

tangled up here for far too long

and i cant seem to carve away

the layers upon layers of defeat 

that have solidified as a casing

around my fragile, yet not-so-fragile core

when im talking can you hear me?

it seems like everyone is too wrapped up 

watching as the earth rotates

in the nothingness that surrounds all of us

the desolate emptiness 

as flowers bloom and unbloom

much like this town

much like my soul

when im coming to you, do you see me?

im breaking, please hear me

i loathe this town

where dreams come to flourish 

but end up being stomped into the dirt

and bound here by hope

good-for-nothing hope

this town is a double dealing merchant 

who takes all you have

and convinces you that your new nothing is everything

that nothing may be all that i have

but it is not all that i am

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