How Did We Get This Far (Part 5)

How did we get this far?

It is a question asked,

many times.

What is responsible,

for societie's moral decay?

How do we,

overcome it?

We know the problems.

So what is the solution?

First of all,

above others;

Put Christ Jesus First.

I say again.

Put God First.

We recognise the moral issues,

in this world.

We also know that,

in being human,

we have a conscience.

We all in some way,

have our convictions -

right or wrong,

good or bad.

Therefore, if we try -

and want to -

we can find a will,

to find and use,

those morals.

It is easier,

then it sounds.

However, we cannot do it,

without Christ Jesus.

So how do we,

find those morals?

We find them by,

knowing the problem.

Still, rather than,

addressing them publicly,

address them personally.


read the Bible,

and develope,

a relationship with God.

Keep yourself,


and physically healthy.

This is the second part,

to the solution,

of the matter,

in the world.

Not only did God,

give us the ability,

to have convictions,

and a conscience,

He gave us two,

of the most important,

and oldest,

personal aspects in our lives;


and the ability to make,

our own choices.

We have the knowledge,

to differentiate,

right from wrong.

many people,

have never committed murder,

and yet, they know,

that it is wrong,

in everyway.

God had told Adam,

not to eat from the tree,

in the middle of garden.

Yet, he thought about it,

before he made his choice,

to eat from.

So I say this.

After we find our morals -

our convictions if you will,

after we hear,

from our conscience,

we have two choices;

'yes' or 'no'.

Should we,

or should we not,

act on our thoughts?

Then do we,

or do we not,

act on our thoughts?

Ladies and gentlemen,

the answer is simple.

It is right,

in front of us.

In a world filled,

with so much technology,

so much information,

and so many inovators.

It is bewildering to know,

how many have abandoned,

societie's moral values.

Yet the answer is so simple.

That is why,

we look at the world's destruction,

and ask,

"How did we get this far".






    THANKS FOR SHARING DION ~ The HUMAN RACE is not like other Animals. We are a special Creation ~ Spritual Beings created in the likeness of God ~ not just a little HIGHER than the APES ~ BUT ~ Just a little LOWER than the ANGELS ! We are NOT Apes but Angels. Each HUMAN is born with the capacity to know GOD and to communicate with Him through PRAYER. When we are BORN AGAIN we are filled with the HOLY SPIRIT and demonstrate the NINE FRUIT of the SPIRIT and the GIFTS of the SPIRIT. Because 21st C Man has rebelled against GOD and sought to SAVE & SANCTIFY himself intellectually ~ 21st C Man has turned his back on God's Plan of Salvation through faith in Christs Attoning Death on the CROSS. Because of this the majority of the Human Race is under the control of SATAN which explains why the WORLD (Planet Earth) is in the mess its in. Things will get worse & worse until CHRIST RETURNS AGAIN ~ AMEN !
    Please check our site ~ Thanks
    Blessings and Love in the SPIRIT
    Yours ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡

    • ForeverJesus6

      your brother in Christ,
      Dion Phillips Crown

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