Abu Aeesh

Colors: Where it Begins

Colors: Where it Begins


I have changed. I can feel it. I can wrap my hand around it and feel it palpitate it's roughness and it's smoothness and all that's in-between. I don't wish to convince you that I have changed. But I'll have you know that in the course of living and recording the forms and colors of the word I have lived in, I have met paragraphs not needing abbreviated full-stops or colons or question marks. 

I have seen my story fade with the sun and gleam with it. I heard it synchronize with the rain and race the rain drops. Hell! I've edited my story in the context of time. I don't mean changing the past, or basking in the length of a breath or projecting into the future. I have minutes and I have hours (nonrefundable and I'm not even sure I have them) and I have mistakes in-between — I don't choose it but I have it and what a beautiful mechanic it is. And I am nothing. What a beautiful thing to be! 

I have seen how you breathe your story graciously even if punctuation marks don't play a role. They'll always play a role — they can't help it. But no matter, you'll breathe it and you'll be proud. It isn't air it is color — where it begins. I could fetch you some but where's the fun in that when I know you can breathe it too. How great it would be for our Maker to tell us we have lived righteously! 

I have loved 2016 with all my heart. I still do. That won't change. I have thousands of unsent letters to prove that. And my sad sad love for cryptic writing has, once again, held me hostage and coerced me into giving (her) the alias 2016. Full disclosure: her name is the right amount of life given that it is the root of living (...). I'm entitled to appreciate the extent of that fact. In life you meet things that change you for good. 2016 and all that it came along with, and even before it, and also after it did that to me. All praise be to my Maker, the one who creates beautiful things — and people, especially people. 

And this.. This change is the beginning, the middle and the end. 

I can still feel the waves wreathing my hands so nicely. And believe me it is a beautiful place to be. 


Abu A'ish Mk Albani 

24 April 2019


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