All We Can Do

In a fallen world,
all we can do is our best.
All we can do,
is try our best to live perfectly,
even though we know,
perfection is impossible.
Very few times in life,
do we get what we want,
because God,
always knows what's best.
Still, all we can do,
is accept Christ Jesus,
ask the Lord for good judgement,
make good choices,
and live righteously.
It does not matter,
who we are.
It matters who we are.
We strive for what's right.
We strive for our convictions.
We hang on to our hope.
We keep our faith.
All we can do,
is our best.
Then after what seems,
like an everlasting road,
on this earth,
may turn out to be,
an actual
everlasting life in Heaven,
or an eternity in darkness,
for those who have not,
tried their best.

Thee a work for JESUS
Ready at your hand
Tis a task that JESUS
Just for you has planned !
Seek to do His bidding
Give Him service true
Theres a work for JESUS
None but YOU can DO ~ AMEN

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