Theta the scholar



Reconcile - To bring into consonance or accord

Ode for the shirker

  • Young man sad lad lay on this hill

Life sad gone bland where is your will

  • Had dreams planted seeds but growing no more

No needs bruised knees why is life so sore

  • Young man sad lad so much has changed

Feelings dragged moments had why are you in pain

  • Stood still opened window sill while life walked by

Laziness spilled motivation killed why must you waste time

  • Young man sad man stop ruining your life at the seems

Clean slate blank page create the same book but a new dream

  • New seeds growing gleam life rises like morning

Young breeze warm sleeves life’s beautiful ignore the boring

  • Young man sad lad lay on this hill

Lay as long as you need until you regain your will



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