Rain, a new beginning, starting fresh, washing away the old and bringing in the new. Whatever you think of when it rains, it can be said for your tears as well. Like the rain, the tears you shed have the power to bring on a whole new beginning. Refreshing your heart and soul, though you may not forget, you can grow, bring new meaning to your life like a forest. Though the forest may have been set ablaze, the rain brings new life, a fresh start to heal what has been lost. Tears can come from pain, gloomy, grey darkness but can bring peace, make you feel lighter, tears can bring to bloom a beautiful soul. A soul whom through their experience can see through the veil of darkness that is the rainy, foggy gloom and see the light of day and the beauty of a fresh colorful beginning. After rain comes a rainbow, it may not come every time but it leaves you looking forward to when it does. Keep your head high, for when you cry you open your story to a brand new chapter like the rain that brings new life to the forest.

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  • Published: May 2nd, 2019 01:22
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  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    You can't beat a good cry...
    Great Pieace B

    • Bo

      It’s oddly comforting isn’t it? ^ ^ thanks much for the comment and the read!!

    • Brycycle

      I really enjoyed reading this. I love the meaning and imagery you used.

      • Bo

        Thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

        • Brycycle


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