In me.


I inhale a sweet breath of fresh air.

Hair drapes down my face, eyes glistening in sunlight. 

Each step I take unwraps the priceless gift of life.

As the clouds begin to melt, the pieces of this jigsaw become clear.

The fog around my brain begins to freeze away my fear.

It’s a puzzle of forgiveness. The journey of my hope, 

Acceptance of myself, finding brand new ways to cope. 

A melody of my love, not a melody of my heart ache. 

A story of self love, my mind has grown awake. 


Though the last weeks brought much darkness, 

I feel tomorrow may bring light. 

I’m ready to be wrapped up and embraced by this longing journey of life. 

Each day I will grow fonder, The love will make me free. 

I now know, the most powerful love, is the love I feel in me. 



  • Poetic Dan

    There was a tingling down my spine
    As flowed down your rhyme

    My eyes began to water
    My breath restored the order
    There is that pride from when I first saw ya!

    From dark to light
    Learning to love life....

    Oooo that could be my title
    See, you is definitely back on track ;)

    Let our rhythm guide us back...
    And again, we are on a roll

    • E-Poems

      Woo! Thanks! Hahah your words are wonderful! 😋

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