Bon Voyage In Your Life Journey Ahead

I, (though ye feel averse associating

with birth father) attest,

perhaps undeserving your vicariously quest

regaling, surmounting, and triumphing

storied Penn ultimate academic conquest


affirms his pride and joy at

stellar success no credit to this beastliest

inept papa, who winces with tragicomic,

woe how animosity toward me increased

smoldering rage at actual/

perceived paternal transgressions,

and do not expect to receive forgiveness

within your wounded breast,

but please allow this opportunity

to suspend any smarting rancorous

loathing, and bitterest

emotions that still sting from deep

seated psychological wounds

indelibly piercing chest

within eldest daughter,

whose unconditional boundless love

spurs whim to express

optimism at Edenic future blest


with praiseworthy largesse of commendable

laudatory, and noteworthy brainiest

accomplishments driven by ambition,

doggedness, perseverance, cleverest

ploy, plus revulsion emotionally costliest

psyche rent asunder courtesy yours truly,


he will not challenge, nor counterprotest

thee, asper his (i.e. mine) crassest

peccadillos, and significant damnedest

accursed personal weaknesses thee detest,

and unintentionally unpleasantly

impacted impressionable offspring, I dust


regret, and thus

figurative figleaf extended

without any expectations, though earnest

sincerity to accept culpability, asper

your anger, animosity, antipathy

maybe ranked as evilest

person on Earth, nonetheless,

and perhaps futile attempt feeblest

against affecting, sans fondest

best wishes despite scathing foulest

faux pas, I abhor lament ghastliest


inflicted upon an innocent progeny,

whose truevalue impossible grandest

to assess preciousness bestowed,

and wisdom proffered as biological guest,


now on her way to glory with handsomest

eminent beau linkedin heading toward happiest

days awaiting as ye embark

on destination unknown - honest!


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