Jo March

On my Sister's Birthday

We fell like midnight stars in moonlight fairy tales

We caught Aeolian winds inside our scarlet sails

Twin butterfly souls now hover above their leafy bower

Twin dew drops lie cradled in the cup of a blushing flower


We followed two butterflies to sparkling fairy lands

And echoed honeyed melodies of soft white sands

With bated breath we listened to whispers of seaborne seashells

In tender bliss we caught the peals of vernal bluebells


We breathed the fragrant dust of summer twilight

And opened fairy chests bedewed in silver starlight

We found enchanted keys to snowdrop elfin kingdoms

Or unlocked aerial secrets of lovely ancient wisdoms


We traveled in spring’s carriage to fantasy secret vales

And left two golden heartbeats between pages of fairy tales

With outstretched wings we blended with winds from east to west

And sailed every mile to sun-bathed islands of the blessed


We wanted our twinned souls to bask in roseate daylight

And hum quiet melodies of spring in dappled moonlight

We learned the songs of summer from twin bees inside a flower bloom

In ecstasy we watched the winds chase fantasies from room to room


We watched life’s magic fall in cherry snowflakes and cover our three decades

And tried new masks on in carefree excitement at annual parades

We held the world inside two hearts and gently clasped between twin heartbeats

We longed to keep and softly wrap it in magic memories of summer feasts


We fell like glowing stars in late summer’s milky shower

We inhaled the soft fragrance in the gentle cup of every flower

And blessed a blissful entry into many vernal years from now

With charming echoes of a noble, graceful and slightly awkward bow


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