Gary Edward Geraci

Crossing Paths

In memory of William Carlos Williams


You died in ‘63.

I was born in ‘64.


Crossing paths in heaven,

An impossibility.


But those that have gone

Do hear from those still here.


The human soul immortal,

Purified, I’ve remembered.


But could you’ve forgotten?

Just I’ve the bright idea.


Either to you or to those

Whom can no longer merit.


Gary Edward Geraci


  • orchidee

    A nice write Gary. I don't insist on being named 'Protestant' but we don't believe in purgatory - not usually.

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      Fine and dandy Orchidee; one must follow a well formed conscience - from my own faith perspective Purgatory is seen as an act of ultimate mercy. Further, to be called “Catholic” one must freely believe (to be in union with) the magisterial teachings of the Church - and this is one of her teachings. I thank God there is a place for my ultimate purification - when I think of Heaven I picture a purity and bliss that wouldn’t accommodate the current state of my soul. Yes, Jesus Christ has died to redeem me and I fully expect that he will remove this dross that spoils my soul PRIOR to my entry into eternal union with God and the Church Triumphant.

      • orchidee

        It might seem as a short-cut to say 'There's no purgatory'. Maybe on the Protestant side, we would see purgatory as 'scrubbing up clean' what has already been made clean - so no need for purgation. No need for a sort of 'waiting-room' outside of heaven, before we set foot in it.

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