My soul is ill  

But I'll not find a cure 

It is infected and rotting  

Of this I am sure. 


It bleeds and aches 

From this sickness you have brought 

Corrupting my spirit

Twisting my every thought


Distorting my inner visions

And contaminating my sense of sanity

Totally destroying my faith

In love, life and humanity


You are the bringer of pain

The lord of heartache and dismay

And I’ve become your deciple

To your malevolence I now pray


Set my soul free

From your dark incantation

So I may find my way back

To the light and salvation


I have given you my all

And can’t bear another day

Of this beautiful chaos

And your sinful ways


Release me now

Take my last breath

So I can at last be free

Even if it’s through death


Maybe I will be reborn

Again to the light

And then I can rejoice

That I’ve finally won the fight!

  • Author: notapoet (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 2nd, 2019 19:18
  • Category: Forgiveness
  • Views: 36

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