Letter to ones own

Your falling fast, faster than ever before.

You used to be able to feel the calm before the storm.

You used to prepare yourself for the rain and the darkness.

You used to be prepared but this time its different.

There was no calm before the storm.

There was no preparing.

It just hit you, and so much was being felt all at once.

It hit you so fast you got lost before you even knew where you were.

This time you did not fall, but crashed.

You crashed harder than two colliding tidal waves.

You felt as if you were in the middle of those waves.

As they came at you from all directions with no hope of escape.

You got sucked under, and it felt like your body was being torn apart.

No matter how hard you swam, how fast you swam

You always ended up in the same spot where you got pulled under.

You cant breathe, your suffocating underneath the pressure.

But the storm will clear up. The currents will become less powerful.

And you will be able to fight to the surface.

Until then just wait and hold your breathe, you know its a cycle.

Just pretend your not struggling through it all.

Fake a smile.

You were always good at that.


  • MendedFences27

    You're right, it's cyclical. I believe we've all felt as your poem describes at one time or other, but then, the good stuff happens, usually involving a romance, and everything turns. The world becomes a perfect place, there is joy everywhere, and you and your lover float above all the turmoil. Perhaps a fake smile becomes real.
    Enjoyed your poem. I think it expresses a common ailment of mankind, melancholy. Darkness and storm clouds abound, pressure builds to intolerable, and the loneliness plagues every waking hour. But it all changes when you find someone, and if you are lucky it lasts a lifetime.
    A very good and interesting poem about this perplexing blight on the souls of men. You've expressed it well and with true emotion. - Phil A..

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