The family tree

One right has blossoming flowers

The left is nothing but thorns

Both have left a curse

An easy-to-love hobby

It comes in many different flavors

The bitterness will disappear with reality

Such a delight

Such a burden

When you won’t know when to stop

It starts the same, with moderation

And it continues with a new voice inside

”It can solve everything.” The sharp voice will relax

Do it a few more times it’ll slur

”Having fun?”

This new feeling, I can separate fun from fear

It’s hereditary, it’s nature

But I know if I flow with these I will fade

And I will never escape reality

Nothing can open a door into somewhere

Where everything is fun and laughter is on the soundtrack

Now it’s just one more thing

My hand wavers over the blackened and twisted twigs

Shaking the question out through my fingertips

”Am I ready?”

To just break the branches and wait for Spring to bring new

”Are you ready?”

My eyes look over at the dark path I will be bound to follow

It has the answer, doesn’t it?

That I can’t escape anything permanently

Doesn’t seem fair ; nothing is




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