The Twenty-twelve Orange Bowl Bed Situation

I had dubbed it,

'The Twenty-twelve Orange Bowl Bed Situation'.

I remember it almost perfectly.

I was living in Louisiana.

I could not,

think of anybody,

who followed college football,

the way that I did,

at the time.

The date was well into,

the month of January.

I was excited,

to watch West Virginia,

play Clemson,

in the Orange Bowl,

Championship Series game.

I was going,

for West Virginia.

The game began,

at eight-0-clock.

I remember that I,

was alone in the house.

By now it was,

fully dark outside.

I cannot recall,

who first recieved the ball.

Still, I digress.

At the time,

my brother and I,

were not living,

the most righteous lifestyle.

It was about,

thirty minutes into the game,

before I recieved,

a cellphone call,

from my brother.


"Dion, the police are coming.

I need you to turn,

the T.V. off,

and turn off all the lights.

Then go hide under the bed",

he quickly said.


Five minutes after,

I was hiding under the bed,

just as my brother said,

there was banging,

on the front door,

and the back.

Flashlights shined,

throughout every window,

bringing light into,

each room of the house.

It was about twenty minutes,

before the lights were gone,

and the knocking stopped.

Still, I laid under the bed,

for three and a half hours,

before coming out.

I was not scared.


I had been,

in similar situations.

Still, laying under that tight space,

between the hard wood floor,

and the bottom of the mattress,

in pure silence,

in the dark,

gave me plenty of time to think.

When I did not doze off,

or think about the score,

of the football game,

that I was missing,

and eventually had missed,

I had realized how a change,

needed to take place,

in my life.

After alot of boredom,

Bible reading,

and an incredibly long year,

from that day,

(give or take a few days),

I had accepted Christ,

into my life,

and recieved His salvation.

It may sound like a cliche,

but that is the short version.

That January night,

was a turning point for me.

It was a pivotal moment,

in my life,

and the Holy Spirit,

has been working in me,

ever since then.



  • orchidee

    Good write Forever.

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