Prayer For Israel

Pray for the peace,

of Jerusalem.

They shall prosper,

that love thee.

Lord, when the enemy,

comes against your land,

with rockets,

You will watch over,

your people.

When they try,

to invade your land,

You will not,

give it up to the enemy.

What army,

can defeat your people?

Those that try,

will answer to you O' Lord.

As the world,

from all sides,

comes against,

your people,

help us to retaliate,

by going to the ends,

of the earth,

and spreading your name.

Lord, You are,

a God of peace.

Yet, You are a mighty God.

Lord God I ask,

who can hinder your people?

Let us who love you -

who love your people -

be advocates,

for your land.

Let those who love you,

rise up,

and defend your land.

O' Lord, Israel shall prosper,

now and in the last days.

What terrorist,

can inflict terror,

upon your people -

a mighty nation?

There is none.

When terror comes by night,

protect us.

Again I say,

You will protect us.

Your walls are impenetrable.

When the alarm sounds,

let us know,

that it is You,

who keeps us.

O' Lord it is you,

who keeps us.



    HE that keepeth ISRAEL ~ shall
    Neither Slumber nor Sleep !
    GOD cares for ISRAEL 24/7 ~ AMEN !

    Thanks for sharing DION ~ Angela & I pray for the PEACE of JERUSALEM every day ! SHE is GODS chosen Nation and they always desrve the Prayer & Support of all CHRISTIANS ! We have visited JERUSALEM and it it is mindbending. Every corner you turn brings a memory of the SCRIPTURES. Every Christian should join with our Jewish Brothers & Sisters in saying *Next Year Jerusalem* It is a life changing experience. Our poem today is about an equally precious subject ~ CHOCOLATE ~ please check !

    Blessings & Love in the SPIRIT
    ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡

    • ForeverJesus6

      I too have been to Israel before. They say, 'Home is where your heart is'. Although I have only been once in 2009, Israel will always be my second home. You are right. You can feel the Holy Spirit move throughout Israel.
      Persistence is key

    • orchidee

      A fine write Forever.

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