Lady Aconitum Monkshood

Jenny Wren

From the shadows she watched for her prey;

Those who treat women as things of play.

Lady Aconitum.


She’ll approach; her beauty all sweetness and light,

They’ll fall for her charms, unaware of their plight.

Lady Aconitum.


Powerful sorceress, seductress, succubus: legendary enchantress.

Her kisses will burn mouth and face, leaving just cold numbness.

Lady Aconitum.


Paralysis will creep over their body, lungs and heart,

Breathing, heart beating, will slow to a stop: never to restart.

Lady Aconitum.


With one last lingering kiss she’ll consume their soul,

Rejuvenated, restored, fulfilled and achieved of her goal.

Lady Aconitum.


Not wolfsbane, mousebane or leopard’s bane.

Nor woman’s bane. She is man’s bane, man’s downfall, men’s pain.

Lady Aconitum Monkshood.

  • Author: Jenny Wren (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 8th, 2019 02:31
  • Category: Gothic
  • Views: 17


  • moordykspot2

    Super Write Take me out of this place to peace contentment A little bit of Lust and of course a dream. Thank you

  • Jenny Wren

    You’re welcome! X

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