Thomas J. Dooley


Your number is coming
It was set before your grandfather death
It will have you wondering
How did we turn down the path to the end
In the chaos, you will be running
Talking Heads saying "How did we get here?"
Your number is next
666 placed on your neck
He fooled you into it blinded by forgiveness
In your mind, there will be no rest
Like a masked clown in a dark alley
Signing his name to lies like it is reality
The dreams we had are now the nightmares we live
It is the punishment for our fears
Your number is planned
666 placed in your hand
Now how you going to live day to day
Don't worry the yellow smoke will lead the way
Every wrong for protesting a lie
Now the truth is easy to hide
Everyone jump on the wagon it is going to be a bumpy ride
When the driver is blind
Your number is dead
666 placed on your head
Living a zombie life
Not knowing day from the night
Apocalypse of ignorance no one wanted it
But ever one clamoring for a front row seat
Smiling with nothing to eat and no doctor to see
Death and taxes are the only reality
┬ęCopyright Thomas Dooley 1968 - 2017

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