The Evil Twin


I open my eyes excited for the day.  Getting up, I get dressed and rush to my sister’s room.  “Katherin!!! Wake up it’s our birthday!” I scream. Unlike her usually smiley face,  my twin glared at me for a minute before matching my smile, making it seem as though I’m looking into a mirror.  If you can’t tell my sister and I are identical twins. I leave her room and head towards the kitchen walking past the closet that for some reason has always been locked.  It was like that when we first moved in and we could never find the key. It’s a very creep area though. As I sit down at the table with our party invitations,  Kat walks in. “Let’s get these passed out fast so we can get ready for our party.” My sister says. I agree. After an hour we have all the invites passed out to our friends and family members so we go to our rooms to get dressed for tonight.  I’m walking around the house checking the decorations when I pass by the closet door. I glance at it and just as I am about to continue walking a piece of paper slips under the door from the other side. I check the doorknob to see if mom finally figured out how to unlock it but freeze when it’s still locked.  I can hear my mom and sister talking in the kitchen and my dad died 3 years ago. I have no other siblings so I start to get scared. I pick up the paper and see it’s one of my party invites. Relaxing I think that I dropped it and it went under the door, the wind must’ve blown it back out. It’s always chilly by this door so we all just assume there’s an open window we can’t get in to close.  That’s when I hear the giggles, sounding like my sister, come from behind the door. I back away frightened knowing Kat is in the kitchen. I call for my mom as a knocking noise comes from the door. By now I’m panicking. As soon as my mother rounds the corner the noise stops. I tell my mom what I heard but she says it’s my imagination. She notices I’m still pale so she drags me away from the door towards the kitchen.  My sister must’ve heard what I told my mom because she left to check it out. A few minutes later I hear her scream. My mom and I run to reach her but when we get to where we heard her she’s just laughing and told us she got us. My mom laughs and goes to open the door for our guests. Just when I’m about to go greet them too my sister stops me by grabbing my arm. She leans in and I get a horrible feeling from her. She whispers in my ear, “You’ll join her soon just you wait, your death will be quick I promise.” I try to back away but she just digs her nails into my arm, drawing blood.  She giggles and when I look into her eyes I become terrified. Her eyes are just pure evil. She grins and her teeth look as sharp as a blade. Again I try to get away but she only tightens her grip more making me whimper in pain. “Keep your mouth shut and mommy won’t get hurt.” She lets go and skips towards the front door. ‘That’s not my sister… it can’t be.’ I think. ‘ I don’t know who that is or what it is but it’s evil.’ About two hours later our guests start to leave. When I go towards my room I walk past the closet door and hear a whimper sounding like my sister. Slowly I walk up to the door and call out for her.  “Lilly!? Lilly you need to get out of the house.” When i start to reply my sisters head popped out through the door and I held in a scream. “ It won’t hurt mom but it wants to kill you like it did me. You have to run.” she says. “W-why wouldn’t it hurt mom?” Trying not to let my sister know I’m frightened of her right now. “Mom is dead. She died a few weeks after dad did. She commited suicide and became corrupt, now her soul is back in her body but she is no longer safe. She’ll kill you.” I shake and feel tears trail down my cheeks. “Please, sissy you have to leave.” I nod and we both tell each other we love her before she finally passes over into the light.  I run to my room and grab my money, phone, charger, and all the things I need. When I’m finished I rush down stairs only to be tackled. “You aren’t going anywhere.” the monster who pretends to be my sister says. I try hard to shake her off only to have my head slammed into the floor so hard my vision starts to blur. I try to force my eyes to stay open but within seconds I’m consumed by darkness. When I open my eyes my head is pounding. I hear giggling and as soon as I open my eyes I see my sister getting ready to plunge a dagger into my heart. I scream and she only smiles. When I try to get away I realize that I’m tied down. “ You see, I need your heart so I can become human again and of course your mother too.” she says.  I sob and try to speak but a cloth tied tightly around my face keeps any noise from escaping. Then she plunges the dagger into my chest and I feel pain all over. I try hard to fight death and the darkness but soon my eyes close and I see the true Katherine hold her hand out towards me, her eyes sad. I take her hand and we make our way to a new place.

  • Author: Cynthia Whittaker (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 10th, 2019 10:46
  • Category: Short story
  • Views: 7
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  • dusk arising

    Will the story continue in the new place..... ???
    You have an amazing story writing skill..... I was held from start to finish.... are you a screenwriter just waiting for your big break?

    Love this stuff.

    • Cynthia

      I haven't thought about it, and thank you!

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