some days I still feel like I'm on Mars
like everything is hot and dry
I'm destined to a life of living in a pit getting screwed and watching other people get screwed

other days I feel like I might fly to the moon
just to feel cold
just to dive back down to earth to hear you say you missed me
just to say it's been forever and I still love you

some days I get homesick,
but I know how itchy my skin would get
and Id much prefer being millions of miles away from everything I know as long as I have you
so instead of going home
Ill go to the roof,
and I'll stare and my stars
and I'll hope you'll climb up there with me
and hold my hand so I don't drift away
And I'll hope you'll stay

  • Author: HeartfullyFallen (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 11th, 2019 15:30
  • Category: Love
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