A Great Awaking

Christians, rise up.

Men of God,

rise up.

Women of God,

rise up.

It is way past overdue.

We must no longer,

keep silent.

We cannot be two-sided.

Those who believe in Christ,

will be rewarded,

in Heaven.

Those who claim,

to be believers in Christ,

you cannot be ashamed,

to speak the gospel.

We must love our neighbors.

We must not be divided.

We must stand up,

for what is morally right.

Represent Christ,

at your work.

It is beyond,

just our convictions.

It is the truth.

Stand up for Christ in public.

Do not be ashamed,

to pray in the restaurants.

We must wake up.

Not that Christ,

will come today,

or tomorrow,

or in fifty years,

but that we should be,

ready when he returns.

For he will come,

like a thief in the night.

Those who are married,

and who believe in God,

rise up.

Be as a married couple should be.

Do not be mistaken.

I am not saying,

to become loud,

or anything,

of that nature.

Rather, I am saying,

to stand up,

for what is true -

not what is right,

but what is true,

because there,

is only one truth.

Stand up against,

what is wrong.

I say this,

with strong belief.

In a few years,

a great awaking will come.

It is in a clear view,

that not many can see.


  • orchidee

    A fine write Forever.

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