High rise flats

I sometimes wonder if the same blood courses through my veins as my family’s

How can humans from the same area, education, and experiences have vastly different views? 

Their words are bitter and venomous to anyone not British, false patriarchy like face paint to blatant racism 

They say I’m brainwashed, that I cannot see the parasites that are infecting the land, taking opportunities, selfish in their wake.

how do you explain the inhumanity?

Shouting from high rise flats that everyone deserves the rights to safety and happiness. 

Make believe borders inflicted by privileged white walkers. 

How do you love family when they are blinded by hatred?

Do I need a blindfold myself?


  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    Good questions
    well expressed

  • Poetic Dan

    We can only stand back, not get drawn in
    As I remember a time before my eyes were opened.
    Anything before that just fed my inner fire, although it did feel right the flow was hard to fight.

    Thank you for inspiring theses thoughts, nicely done!


    Thanks AMY (BRIAN here) for sharing a not uncommon scenario. To some extent it illustrates the culture gap related to the 30+ age gap between Parents & Children, Also the pace and extent of change between the 20th & 21st Centry is greater ! I was born in 1983 so by the time I was 18 it was 2001 and the Twin Towers Massacare. For OlderAdults (50+) Society in the UK in the 21st C was much more Multicultural & Mulriethnic than in the 1960's when our Parents were Teenagers. I am 35 (Angela is 30) and we find ourselves much more tolerant of change than out Parents. They are not BIGOTS but just *Children of their Age* who consider everything BRITISH is superior and that immigrants are ALIEN S ! China & Russia hold the upperhand economically and beause of BREXIT the UK is becoming more isolated & vulnerable. This causes the over 50's to become Little Englanders ! Thanks for sharing ~ You are not alone !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Yours ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡

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