Mother's Day

“Hey it’s time to get ready

 It’s time to eat your food,

Hurry before your ride leaves and I have to take you to school.”

“Don’t forget you have practice

Your grades better not slip

Do your homework in study hall so I don’t have to hear your teacher flip.”

“I’m going to tell you a story and you better listen up

I use to walk down a big hill just to get to the bus,

So if you think this is bad, well tuff.”


“Did you finish your breakfast?

Did you drink your juice?

Is there ever going to be a time when you don’t have an excuse?”

“Come on we need to go,

We have no time to lurk

Man you kids are going to make me late for work!”

“Well you guys did it so let’s get mommy’s car,

This is so bazaar,

The bus has passed let’s hope it hasn’t’ gotten too far.”


“Well Kids we did it again we can’t find the bus,

So next time when I say to hurry up

Do as I say that’s what I suggest.”

“Mommy needs to be on time

Or you guys can’t play sports,

Please just try your best so we can all win on this court.”

“Hey before you leave I want you to hear me

I don’t want you to forget this,

Have a wonderful day at school, I love you, now give me a hug and kiss.”


My mom is amazing and this poem shows how

I don’t’ need to go and buy my mom a crown. 

My mom taught me how to express

My Mother showed me love,

My mom never forgot to fly like a dove.

Full of compassion

Full of strength

My mom is a warrior of the human race

But What I love the most is my mother’s embrace.


She smells like roses,

She sings to the heavens,

She can make a dull day turn bright right out from under our noses.

My mother is beautiful

My mother is sweet,

When it comes to being a mother

No one can compete.


Now this is getting sappy

This was supposed to be funny

It just shows how much my mom makes me Happy




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