Our World

Are you alright?

I ask myself   

I need my friends around me   

The real ones   

We’ll hit it hard like the old  

black tie parties   

Black tie but we’ll still   

Be slutty kinda teenage party   

To wear my hair all pretty   

Put on a best dress   

For someone who cares about me   


Where have you gone   

I know where you are   

But where have you gone 



I need my love around me   

That old laughter   

Haven’t laughed like that   

Since we were in hell together   

But those were calm waters   

The heaven weather  

You said something bout depression   

On your snapchat story  

I hope you’re joking   

You were laughing but not with me  

I know you though   

But I’m not there to pick you up anymore   

I need a compass round my neck   

I need your teasing back


I know where you are   

But shit where’ve you gone  


  • dusk arising

    Distressing. Is this to self or to another, or yet still oncoming schizophrenia?

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