kevin browne

My Hearts Worth.


Well, soon I had learned
how to drink whiskey
from an empty bottle jar.
I took thoughts of joy by
bright lights of distinction, 
and to look out for my star.

But, then it began to see
how perception is noted
when the junction arrived
a roadblock wasn't open,
and my heart had survived.

Across the stormy seas
waves crash up against me,
and when winds had blown
serenity in a motion of love
gently through all my pains
flows to the brim from above.

Down by the lake frogs croak
echoing ribbits cry in my ears, 
but the fields I walked alone
waiting for the stars to shine
as I watched the Sun glowing
down to a long journey home.

Whisper my dears, live as you
have forgotten to remember a
certain kind of magic that's true
only for the deception of the 
deluded images of a better self,
but look up to see a brighter you.

An orchestra set up to be thrilled,
and the audience completely cry
from vibrations of a trumpets note
upon the stage given to me for my
madness slept silently inside, but,
must face things and learn to cope.

To the degree of depth, I can hold 
onto the water before it's evaporating
into my mindless, pathetic attempt
of being in the top bar just drinking,
but now I've realised what I've done 
to write a poem as to what I meant.

Daffodils, roses, bluebells, daisies,
and the powerful scent of mystery
brings about a beauty that will stay.
I had learned my lesson that I'd lost,
but lost is good if you know where to
look for some, but got lost on the way.

But, I'll try and make her stay a while
for the candlelit dinner, I have prepared
caviar, champagne and bottles of whisky
to learn how to remove me from in here
for the saviour of our international elitists 
where our hopes are becoming too risky.

And, now the Moon has dropped again
I'll see the darkness turn beautiful dawn
where flowers reflect upon my starburst
of glittering sublimity and force in which
becomes fascinating and all too much to
grasp everything I am and my hearts worth.


  • Lorna

    There is so much yearning in this Kevin....... it's beautiful and haunting.

  • Poetic Dan

    Towards the middle of this my friend, I thought of a chat I had late one night with a lady saying, she saw in me the faith she has lost in finding someone.
    The path you walk and share will at some point bring you somewhere, I hope it's not to long.
    For you have my admiration

    Much peace and respect

  • FineB

    Hello Kevin,

    What a spellbinding write. Awesome and wonderful!

    Keep writing

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