Just A Bit Longer

I’m ready to be what you want me to be
I‘ve learned the things you kept telling me
When I am with you I feel free
Nothing else matters if you stand by me.

Look at the stars lining up in the sky!
The universe wants us together at last...
The world around me has come to life
My sadness has finally come to pass.

Let the wind fondle my hair for a moment
Let the sun touch my face a bit longer
Allow each night to hide me from peril
Accept who I am and I’ll love you forever.

Let me just take a brief little moment
To reflect on my life; I won’t take much longer
I know you and I don’t do well under pressure
So let us embark on a brand new adventure.

Come sit by me just a little bit closer
Kiss me on my lips just a little bit longer
When I am with you, you make me feel younger
My love for you has made me stronger.

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