The Swarthy Bard

"Lavender and Pretty Red Roses"

Like lavender and pretty red roses,
they’re meant for your immaculate sweethearts
and their fine, little delicate noses;

not to damage the most sensitive parts
or overwhelm the olfactory senses,
bedaub with the finesse of the fine arts

as love’s a game of great consequences;
dates decide on the mere whiff of a scent,
so smell good or lead to major offenses!

Too much strong scent is wholly unpleasant;
a little hint on the neck and the wrist
is enough to smell attractively fragrant.

So don’t offend like a face hitting a fist:
if you're smart then you'll more than get my gist.


  • FineB

    Hello The Swarthy Bard,

    A beautiful poem. You can never go wrong with flowers in the world of courtship and dating.

    Keep writing

    • The Swarthy Bard

      Thanks, FineB! I agree. Flowers are nice, too.

      ~TSB (The Swarthy Bard)

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