Kasia Kevan


When I look into their eyes

I see their little souls

Their little personalities

Each with their own roles


So soft and fluffy

Such lovely cuddles

Helping me through

All kind of troubles


Such sweet little creatures

So full of life

Running around all day

Enjoying the wildlife


Such little troublemakers

Venturing to places

They shouldn't be going

Having little chases


Eating everything

In their sight

Even if it's not food

They try with all their might


An unusual companion

I know this is true

But I truly don't care

Without them I'd be blue


And after all this

I'm willing to bet

You wouldn't think

That chickens make a great pet. 


  • FineB

    Hello Kasia Kevan,

    That was simply lovely and a great write.

    I like animals and love them.

    They are so at peace with one another I wish the same could be said with humans.

    Keep writing

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