Jo March

Poem about the Moon

I remember looking at the moon 

Silver-blanched on balmy nights in June

I always stretched my hands to her in wonder 

So still she seemed amid claps of summer thunder


As a child I imagined the queen moon  

Milky stars adorned her raiment in monsoon 

A silver nimbus graced her white gold curls

Her neck arrayed with luminous roseate pearls


I imagined the fair queen in quiet blue hours

Radiant beneath moonstone alabaster bowers

Bearing a scepter fashioned from a moonlit disk

A wind-borne gift wrapped in whipped cream whisk 


I longed to see her palace on moon sands

Admire its spires with crescent plated bands

Or touch the petals of the lotus flowers 

Or watch her elfin dance in golden hours 


As a child I dreamed I was a sister elf

Who could saddle the moon’s chariot myself

And watch the path unfold like condensed milk

As I sat on plush cushions of the finest silk 


I longed to someday catch a moonbeam 

And keep it safe inside my chest of dreams

Suffused with light and wonderworking powers

Deep inside the fair moon’s candied cotton towers 

















  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    Great dreams Jo
    LOvely expressive piece

  • Jo March

    Thank you so much, Andrew!


    HI JO ~ Thanks for focussing on SISTER MOON ! For US the MOON is always an inspiration Scientifically and in Fantasy ! We all fantacise that it is the abode of a LUNAR QUEEN ~ Who controls the TIDES and our EMOTIONS ! We all dream of visiting the MOON and seeing her close up & personal ! BUZZ ALDRIN (1969) called it ~ compared with the vibrant Planet Earth ~ the MAGNIFICENT DESOLATION ! Perhaps he landed in the WRONG PLACE ? What we must all appreciate is the UNIQUENESS (in the SOLAR SYSTEM) of our amazing Natural Sattelite ! NO other PLANET has a MOON ~ so BIG ~ so CLOSE & so BEAUTIFUL ~ Thanks for caring & sharing !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Yours ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡
    Please check our Site & Fusion on METALS ~ Thanks !

    • Jo March

      Hello Brian and Angela,

      Thank you so much for responding to my poem. I always appreciate your comments. Yes, I agree, the moon always represents something magical, mystical, almost surreal for us. And yes, we are blessed to have our moon -- so close to us and so beautiful. I will definitely check out the Site & Fusion on METALS.

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