Such Is Life

We all have bosses,

to answer to.

There is always,

someone else at the top.

Still, you provide,

for your family,

just about,

no matter what the cost.

Your boss may treat you bad.

He may degrade you,

or cheat your pay.

Still, you keep,

going to work,

because you love your family anyway.

All you can do,

is make the best of it.

All you can do is pray,

and ask God,

that He will make,

tomorrow a better day.

Still, you know,

that it is worth it,

when you come home,

to your loving wife and kids.

You figure,

'Look at what,

I have at home.

Who cares what I just did?'




    Thanks for sharing DINO ~ most of us (in the 20 to 60 age group) have to WORK to LIVE and raise a FAMILY. Lots of People are UNEMPLOYED (which can be very hard to survive). Lots of Poeple hate their Jobs ~ but must Work to earn a CRUST ! My MANTRA is *Better to have a mundane JOB than to be UNEMPLOYED* ANGELA & I are fortunate we both love our JOBS ~ I ~ BRIAN ~ teach Applied Science in a Vocational College and ANGELA is a PHYSIOTHERAPIST. Provided there was not a Language Barrier (We can cope with English ~ Spanish ~ French ~ Italian & German ~ in that order !) we could work in many parts of the World ! Satisfacion in Ones JOB and Ones FAMILY makes for a Happy Life ! Thanks for caring & sharing !

    Blessings & Peace & Love
    Yours ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡
    Please check ANGELAS Poem today ~ Thanks A & B !

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